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Hello! Today I am going to list some ideas for how to be motivated to work out. I am a health freak. I work out as much as I can during the week, eat healthy most of the time (meaning I allow a cheat day every once in a while) and am obsessed with helping people create a healthy lifestyle. I may be young, but I know what to do to help people achieve their goals. I know, working out isn't always fun and games. Being motivated is sometimes a difficult task. But, to see the results you want means lots of dedication and consistency. Here are a few ideas that could help you to be motivated. Starting off slow You will not get the results you want in one day, so take it slow and work at your own pace. Even 10 minutes a day will jumpstart your fitness dreams. Watch health related videos Now this is what motivates me the most. Whenever I watch videos of people talking about their health journey, daily workouts, what I eat in a day or anything else that helps your health, I want

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